ProFundos Masterclass 2023 theme is Aspire, Align, Accelerate. Every section of this masterclass is based in academic research and proven by case studies from around the world.

 Here are the Learning outcomes:


Why there is an imperative to grow non-profits and what the essential role of fundraising is.

Why money and the mission must work together.

The essential behaviours that drive growth.


The importance of having a brand position that clearly differentiates.
How to find it!

Finding a brand position that works for both fundraising and projects.

Making emotion and logic work together.

How to communicate emotion in an acceptable way.


Creating focus and anergy.

Getting fundraising and other teams to facilitate and cooperate with each other.

How to be the market leader at meeting donor’ needs.

Leadership – Building and retaining the best fundraising team.

How to commit without compromise.



Planning and implementing investment and returns.

Crisp decision making as things start to move.

Using data and insight to accelerate growth.  Quickly.  In real time.

Creating the ‘ask-confident’ organisation.

Maintaining emotional energy.