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For me fundraising has never been about money, it has always been about enabling someone to make the difference they want to see in the world.

It is a huge privilege to work in the voluntary sector and to get to spend my working life meeting and supporting incredible projects making a huge difference to peoples’ day to day lives – and I am very aware that for many people, making a gift to a charity is the only way they are able to get involved in these changes.

I want the experience of a donor giving money to be as rewarding and meaningful as my career is to me.

In my work, this means always focusing on the donor and what they want and need. Whether that is supporting a £multi-million, global partnership with British Airways in my current role at Comic Relief, building an entire fundraising programme focused on individual donors for a brand new charity as I did at Canal & River Trust or engaging ultra high net worth individuals to pioneer a proven programme in a new market as I did at Prince’s Trust International – this focus on donors and what their giving means in their life has remained my central driver.

I believe that, if you focus on donors, it also means you focus on what is unique about your cause and work. Why should they give their money to you? Why are you the right organization to help them realize their dreams of a different world? And that is where fundraising is an incredible job – finding that match between what is special in your organization and what is unique about this donor is never about money, it is about passion.

I am excited to be coming to the Profundo Skill Share to share some of my stories about when this match-making has resulted in incredible partnerships, and helping us think together about what that means for your organisation and your donors.

Ruth Davison
Executive Director – Impact & Investment
Comic Relief



Ruth Davison kommer til Skillshare 5.- og 6. juni 2019. Meld deg på slik at du kan høre og lære mer fra en av Storbritannias fremste fundraisere.

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