Nå som Webinar!

Mens vi venter på at vi igjen kan samles på The Inch i Skottland inviterer Alan Clayton og hans team til Great Fundraising Masterclass – nå online. Dette er en unik mulighet til å hente kunnskap fra de beste.

Meld deg på – og les mer om Great Fundraising Masterclass her


This masterclass is an outstanding opportunity to learn the culture, behaviours and leadership required for your organization to achieve Great Fundraising and grow your organization and income significantly.

Former delegates have applied their learning and increased the income of their organizations dramatically, some by several hundred per cent. The Great Fundraising Masterclass is a based on academic research and tested in the real world. The approach has been proven to work for organizations around the world supporting a great variety of causes.

At the end of this exclusive web-based Masterclass, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  1. How have others managed to achieve Great Fundraising?

  2. How big should my ambition be?

  3. How can I make my organization unite behind and become proud of our fundraising?

  4. What do I need to have in place to release substantial investment in fundraising, and what can this investment achieve?

  5. How can my leadership and inspiration drive fundraising performance?

  6. How do I support a continuous learning culture as the secret to innovation and growth?

  7. How do I find the single proposition that unites and drives my organization?

And – once you know that, you will be able to:

  1. Harness the learnings of other organizations and apply them to your own context.

  2. Decide the right level of ambition for your organization.

  3. Deal with the conflicts that hold back your fundraising by using our framework of analysis and apply you newly learned strategies.

  4. Create your own strategy for increased investment in fundraising.

  5. Focus your leadership on the things that really matter in driving performance.

  6. Improve your organization’s ability to learn and apply its learnings to create growth.

  7. Evaluate your organization’s proposition based on your expanded knowledge of Great Fundraising.



Som kunde hos ProFundo blir man en del av et nasjonalt og inter-nasjonalt kompetansenettverk. Vi har bl.a. et tett samarbeid med ACA Philanthropy & Fundraising, Roger Lawson og Adrian Sageant ved Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy