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Alan Clayton og ACA Fundraising & Philantrophy gir oss ny kunnskap fra forskning og dybdestudie av ledelse og god innsamling.

What makes leadership in a great fundraising organisation different?

Academic research commissioned by both Profundo and ACAPF have identified the critical role that leadership plays in driving great fundraising growth.  On that basis, Alan Clayton has undertaken a deep-dive study of leadership and great fundraising, to answer the question:

‘Are there any leadership insights, skills and behaviours that are unique to fundraising?’

The answer, of course, is yes – and you are invited to join Profundo on the 22nd January 2020 for a seminar with Alan on this most crucial of subjects.

  • A few insights:
    • A fundraising organisation does not operate as a culturally unified business.  It is, in effect, two different businesses serving two customer bases and this creates unique leadership challenges.
    • Great fundraising organisations create a donor-centred culture as well as a service user centred one and it takes interventions through leadership, systems and training to achieve this.
    • There are three inherent cultural conflicts in all fundraising organisations and leadership must be adept at resolving them.
    • Skills in the emotional space are crucial – for alignment, communications and, indeed, personal and team resilience.
By the end of this seminar, you will:
    • Clearly see the power of emotional alignment of an organisation, beyond the fundraising department, and the powerful role of the fundraiser in achieving it.
    • Understand why fundraisers need to be adept at ‘leading upwards and sideways’ and gain insights on how to do it.
    • Be able to identify the three key internal conflicts that frustrate fundraising growth and have strategies for overcoming them.
    • Have a diagram of the building blocks of a great fundraising organisation.
    • Be inspired by the power of a ‘donor-centred’ organisation and realise what you can to do achieve it.
    • Be determined to create high performing teams within an emotional focussed and energised organisation.
    • Be equipped to manage the fears involved with investing in fundraising growth.
    • Be inspired by case studies of great fundraising leadership ….
    • … and more!



Tid: Onsdag 22. januar
Sted: Mer informasjon kommer
Pris: 2 500,-

For kunder med database hos ProFundo: 1990,-


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